I recently celebrated my birthday.  Part of the enjoyment of celebrating a birthday are the cards that you get.  I appreciated the cards of love and encouragement that I received from my wife and older sister and oldest daughter. I laughed with delight at the cards with the zingers from my other children.  And then I read the card from my ten year old grandson and decided I had to share his words with you.  My grandson has been watching me and wanted me to know that a birthday is a time to take a look at where you are in life so he began his card with the words: “It is that time of year again, where you look back at the year and you ask a question.”  This is followed by a huge question mark and then in red letters:  “What have you done?  If the answer is No, then do these activities.  If yes, then It’s time for a celebration.  Yes, the grandpest party in town!  Then on the next page are 32 activities to improve what you have done.  Here are some of my favorites:  Ski with a Yeti, Go Sky diving, Hang from the nose of Mt Rushmore, Sing Karaoke, Scrub toilets, Wrestle JJ Watt, Run for president, Be Tarzan for a day, play caroms with the king(That would be my grandson), and Do the Dab.  Since I have actually done some of the activities I am well on my way to completing this list.

I guess what I like the most about this card is the ability of a child to make us stop and take a look at ourselves.  It is never too late to dare, to think big, to try outrageous things, to have fun, and to make a difference.  So I want to thank him for making me get out of my recliner and see what exciting activities I might engage in before my next birthday comes around and my grandson asks me again, “What have you done?”