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Finding Grace In The Difficult Moments Of Life

Stories of Comfort And Resolution At End Of Life

by Chaplain Steven Stern

Life is filled with difficult situations. Abuse, chronic illness and missed opportunities can leave us feeling angry and disappointed. And when we find ourselves in a hospital bed as life comes to its end it can be a time of pain and heartbreak.  “Lost and Found” is a collection of stories like this – stories that bring comfort when we discover that there is always an element of grace that shows up, bringing surprising and joyous moments to an otherwise dark time.

Forgiveness From The Heart

Stories Of Healing For When Things Haven't Worked Out The Way You Wanted Them To

by Chaplain Steven Stern

Some lives are filled with strained or broken relationships, others are filled with blessings.  At the end, we want to thank those who have blessed our journeys and know in our hearts that we were a blessing to others.  We want to find forgiveness for wrongs we have done and give forgiveness to those who have wronged us.  Safe Harbor  is a collection of stories that examines the most tender moments of life, both good and bad, and speaks to the heart of those approaching death.

Lost and Found / Safe Harbor

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What People Are Saying

Lost and found’ is a gem of a book in which Chaplain Steven Stern carefully and humbly shares powerful stories from his many years of ministry to patients battling with cancer.  Reading through these stories one sees God at work as the spiritual care provider and the patient come together.  Chaplain Stern’s reflections are of invaluable benefit to all readers interested in learning more about the role of spirituality in the healing process.

Peter Ruta, STL, PhD, BCC – Manager Chaplaincy Services – Froedtert Hospital – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rev. Steve Stern’s book, based on the story of the lost sheep, is simple, straight forward and poignant in its imagery. He takes the well known image of the Good Shepherd and the sheep and through story brings it alive in the 21st century. I would wholeheartedly endorse it as a primer for students engaged in preparation for ministry.

Chaplain Kate Sullivan, CPE Supervisor

This book is a must read for seminarians, clinical pastoral education students, spiritual directors, parish pastors, and chaplains. Through personal stories Chaplain Stern shows how the events of life cause us to seek the God who is already seeking us.

Chaplain Helen Harry O.P. Board Certified by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains 

About the Author

Chaplain Steven Stern

Steven Stern served as a parish pastor for nineteen years serving congregations in Minnesota and Wisconsin. For the past 31 years he has been a hospital chaplain working with cancer patients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a board certified chaplain with the Association of Professional Chaplains. Chaplain Stern and his wife, Jean, have four children and four grandchildren. Chaplain Stern continues to serve as a chaplain on a half time basis at the Clincal Cancer Center at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. He also speaks to churches and conducts Bible studies on the topic of seeking and finding lost sheep.