Stories of Hope from Cancer Patients


Synopsis of “Lost and Found”

Over the twenty plus years that I have visited cancer patients in the hospital and in the out patient clinic patients have shared with me the feelings they have experienced when they found out they had cancer.  They have talked about their fear, their shock, their despair, their anger as their world has changed and crumbled around them. As they have shared their feelings they  have also talked about the discoveries they have made at this difficult time in their life.  They have talked about the resolve and hope and peace that came to them sometimes in unexpected ways.

In the book “Lost and Found” I have tried to capture some of these conversations for the rest of the world to read.  In the stories of some of the people I have met are experiences that all of us can relate to.  In these stories are feelings and expressions that touch our own hearts.

As you read this book you will discover that getting lost and being found is a part of every one’s journey through life.  This book may help you to find your way through your own time of confusion or despair.  It may help you to be the one who will help some one else who is lost to be found.

“Rev. Steve Stern’s book, ‘Lost and Found’, is simple, strait forward and poignant in its imagery.  He takes the well known image of the Good Shepherd and the sheep and through story brings it alive in the 21st century.  I would wholeheartedly endorse it as a primer for students engaged in the preparation for ministry.”

Chaplain Kate Sullivan  Board certified Chaplain and Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor in the Association of Professional Chaplains.