March 2016 - Steve Stern

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It Almost Killed Her

In one of the cruelest ironies in the world of cancer treatment there are times when chemo treatments for cancer can cure one cancer but set the stage for another cancer to invade the same body.  Such was the case last week as I met a patient on the bone […]



Months after her bone marrow transplant her cancer had returned and her doctor told her she could no longer be treated.  Efforts were now directed to help her with her diminished breathing and to decide where she would receive hospice care.  As I stopped to see her she turned to […]


Slogging Along

Have you ever gone hiking and it began to rain? The rain is running down your face and you can feel your clothes getting wet.  The mud begins to stick to your shoes and you find it harder to free your feet from the mud as you try to keep […]