August 2017 - Steve Stern

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Picking Up the Pieces

Cancer is always a major disruption in a person’s life but for some the disruption has the impact of a tornado that reduces a house to rubble. The lady I was talking to was such a case.  Her sister had convinced her to come to Milwaukee from out of state […]


Golden Moments

Fifty years ago in the month of June my wife and I went on our honey moon to Colorado.  We spent a few days in Rocky Mountain National Park and I remember doing some hiking and thinking how crazy it was to be standing in a snow bank on the […]


Little Lesson – Big Lesson

We were at my wife’s sister Marilyn’s home in Montana.  We wanted to spend a few days with her because her husband had just died.  We spent our time together doing some yard work and some hiking and lots and lots of talking.  One day Marilyn came to me and […]