October 2017 - Steve Stern

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A Bow Legged Patient

A patient was telling me that the physical therapist wanted him to do an exercise in which he would put one foot directly in front of the other.  This exercise was supposed to help him strengthen his balance.  He said he couldn’t do this exercise.  He said, “I’m bow legged.  […]


A Prayer Shawl

We have a group of ladies that sew quilts and knit prayer shawls for our patients at Froedtert Hospital.  Sometimes we offer the quilts and prayer shawls to patients.  Sometimes patients ask for them. The other day a patient requested a prayer shawl and I delivered it to her.  She […]


Silent Sky

Last week my wife and I went to a play that was entitled “Silent Sky”.  It was about a young woman in the early nineteen hundreds who was in love with astronomy.  She had managed to get a job with the astronomy department at Harvard but her hopes of being […]