November 2017 - Steve Stern

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Blood Everywhere

The patient has been struggling with internal bleeding for a number of years.  Her doctors have struggled to locate the source of her bleeding.  They have removed some of her intestines to reduce her bleeding.  In the mean time she has constantly had transfusions to keep her alive.  In our […]


She Had a Dream

I had visited this patient a number of times and we had talked about many things that had deepened the trust between us.  So when she asked me if I had ever heard people talk about seeing light at the end of the tunnel or special visions of the life […]


He Was Hungry

In Matthew’s account of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness it says that after forty days without food Jesus was hungry. As I looked at the patient’s legs that looked like pipe stems I thought about how her body was also hungry.  She had been unable to eat anything for weeks.  […]