February 2018 - Steve Stern

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The Energizer Bunny

Some TV commercials are hard to get out of your head.  The commercial about the energizer bunny is one of them.  It is just stupid the way this mechanical bunny keeps walking while beating on a big base drum.  Over flat surfaces and over obstacles nothing can stop this stupid […]


Lessons Learned

As the patient talked with me I learned that he was a retired fire fighter.  He told me that he had terminal cancer and was doing his best to stay alive as long as he could because he has a four year old son whom he dearly loves. He told […]


I Am Determined

Remember the eighty-five year old lady with the broken pelvis who wasn’t sure she could face the challenge of rehab? As I visited her one more time before she was discharged to the rehab place she was going to we talked again about her life.  Every time I visit with […]