March 2020 - Steve Stern

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Lazarus, Come Out!!

Yesterday the Gospel lesson was the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. I listened to a sermon online in which the pastor talked about his ten year old daughter. She had made big plans to get together with her friends to celebrate her tenth birthday and then COVID-19 […]


Hitting the Sweet Spot

Very few of us ever get to be professional ball players and yet many of us played sports when we were young. I remember playing softball on my 4-H club team. I remember how wonderful it felt when I connected with the ball and it went sailing through the air […]


Free Fall

When I developed a blood clot in my leg on January 19th I went into free fall. When I awoke thirty-six hours later and found my family standing around my bed I was overwhelmed by their love for me and my love for them. In the days that followed I […]