April 2020 - Steve Stern

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We Had Hoped

Some of the most heart rending words that have ever been spoken were spoken by the two disciples on the way to Emmaus when they said to Jesus, “We had hoped.” They were not the first people to say these words and they will not be the last. But every […]


And the Doors Were Locked

Last Sunday’s Gospel reading was the story of Doubting Thomas. There was one line in that story that caught my attention more that it had before. It was the line that said the disciples were together and the doors were locked for fear of the Jews. It made me think […]


Alone Together

My wife and I received a card yesterday from one of our granddaughters. It was home made and it was artistic and it was poetic and it was poignant all at the same time. On the cover it said “Whenever I think of you I smile”. On the inside there […]