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Living Stones

Humans have been building things with stone for thousands of years. When Jean and I traveled to Italy we saw walls and buildings constructed of stone that were over a thousand years old. In Egypt the pyramids are over five thousand years old, are made of stone, and are still […]


I’m back !!

Some of you may remember an actor by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  His enemies would often seem to get the best of Arnold and they would leave him lying on the ground beaten to a pulp.  Later they would discover that they hadn’t vanquished Arnold after all as he […]


They Know His Voice

“Go call the cows”, my father would say, and we would walk out to the pasture and we would say, “Come boss, come boss.” At the sound of our voices the cows would raise their heads and all of them would start to follow us until they got to the […]