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Lost and Found

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Entering the world of medicine can be an unsettling experience.  First there are the tests and the examinations.  Then there is the visit with the doctor to talk about the results.  If the results are a serious medical problem this may be the time when strong men find themselves crying.  This may be the time when women who have everything organized and together find everything is falling apart.

Life changing events like these raise lots of questions for the people who are caught in the midst of them.  They may wonder why this is happening to them.  What are they supposed to do now?  Have they been focusing on the wrong things?  What is really important?  What does this do to their hopes, their dreams, their understanding of how things are supposed to be?

In my twenty plus years as a hospital chaplain I have sat with hundreds of people as they asked these questions.  I have listened and reflected and explored with people in crisis as they have tried to find meaning and peace and purpose for themselves.  I have seen them discover new insights, find out new things about themselves, and in the midst of their struggles find how near their God is to guide and strengthen them.

Take a look at the things offered on this website.  Check out the synopsis of my book “Lost and Found”.  Read the excerpt on the book.  See if this might speak to some of the things that have happened to you or to some one close to you.  May what I have written about in some small way be of help to you.

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“Lost and found’ is a gem of a book in which Chaplain Steven Stern carefully and humbly shares powerful stories from his many years of ministry to patients battling with cancer.  Reading through these stories one sees God at work as the spiritual care provider and the patient come together.  Chaplain Stern’s reflections are of invaluable benefit to all readers interested in learning more about the role of spirituality in the healing process.”

Peter Ruta, STL, PhD, BCC – Manager Chaplaincy Services – Froedtert Hospital – Milwaukee, Wisconsin