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In his book “Lost and Found” Chaplain Stern shares stories of struggle.  As you read them you have an opportunity to see that the difficulties of life may not only cause us to lose our way but there is always that element of grace present that shows us we can also be found.  In our darkest moment, in a most unexpected way, in surprising and joyous moments, hope can be found and love can be received.  This book may speak to you in your struggle.  This book may help you to be the one who hears the story of the lost and speaks the word of grace so the lost can be found.

As Chaplain Steven Stern has ministered to the dying in his hospital work he has witnessed these themes in the well of the human heart. Using the seven words that Jesus spoke from the cross Chaplain Stern addresses the themes that lie deep in our hearts. “Safe Harbor” may speak to your heart if you are one of those who is approaching death. It may also speak to the hearts of those who attend the dying and give you words to speak that may help you help the dying.



Read an excerpt from Lost and Found.

Read an excerpt from Safe Harbor.

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