Steve Stern's Public Speaking Engagements

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Steve’s Speaking Engagements

Over the years of being a chaplain I have spoken at many gatherings both small and large and have found that people are looking for help and information in dealing with illnesses like cancer.  They are wondering how to deal with it in their own life.  They are also wondering how can they be helpful to people they know and love as they deal with it in theirs.

I am available to speak for an hour or for a half day seminar or a weekend get together depending upon the needs and wishes of those who would like me to come and speak.  I could speak on ways to help the sick and the dying; some ways to help them address the needs that might be on their hearts; some ways to open the door to the deep things of the heart; some ways to talk about things that every one is thinking about but no one knows how to get the conversation going.

I have also found that many people are looking for a place where they can talk about troubled relationships. They are trying to figure out how to reach people that are near to their hearts who are in trouble.  It may be a child that has broken his connection with his parents.  It may be a sibling that used to tell you everything and now tells you nothing.  It may be a friend who had everything together and now has fallen apart and doesn’t want you to know or see them in this sad state.  It may be a coworker that you admire and respect who now seems to have become a whole new person whose life is crumbling before your eyes.  I can speak on things we might do to keep the doors of communication open.  I can speak about what we might do and say that will show our concern without coming across as controlling or judging.  I can speak about the patience and strength and compassion we must find if we are going to be shepherds seeking the lost.  I can speak of that difficult time when we may realize we aren’t going to find the one we are seeking.  Conversely we may be the ones who will find some else whose father couldn’t reach him.

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